About us

The Hotline is established in Communications Regulatory Authority of the Republic of Lithuania (RRT). Reports are being accepted and processed according the operational procedures approved by the Police Department under the Ministry of the Interior and Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics of the Republic of Lithuania. RRT has written agreements with these law enforcement bodies.

An electronic report form on the project website is the main tool for reporting about illegal and harmful content on the Internet.

All reports are screened by dedicated hotline employees. If the reported content is illegal or harmful and is located in the Lithuanian servers, the information is forwarded to the appropriate Lithuanian institutions (Police Department or the Office of the Inspector of Journalist Ethics). In case the illegal or harmful content is located in international servers, such information is forwarded to appropriate hotline of INHOPE or directly to the Lithuanian Police. Code of Practice of INHOPE you can find here. RRT is a member of INHOPE since 2008.

Activities of the internet hotline are co-financed by RRT and European Commission according to the project „Safer internet“.

Hotline operation scheme: