Legal information

Prohibited information means information the disclosure and / or distribution of which is prohibited under applicable law. In Lithuania this include:

  • pornographic content (including child sexual abuse material);
  • information which is used to humiliate, promote hatred or incite to discriminate against a group of people or a person belonging to it on account of sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, language, origin, social status or belief;
  • information prohibited by other laws such as cyber bullying using visual information (in accordance with the Education Act); information calling for violence in order to change the constitutional order of the Republic of Lithuania, propaganda of war, incitement to war or hatred (in accordance with the Law on the Provision of Information to the Public).

Restricted information is regulated to protect minors. It is information that has a detrimental effect on their physical, mental and moral development. This include:

  • information related to the depiction of physical or mental violence, modeling of a criminal offense;
  • erotic information;
  • information showing the body of a deceased or severely injured person (except when it is necessary to identify the identity);
  • information that causes fear or horror, self-harm or suicide;
  • other information restricted by laws.


Legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania

Legal acts of European Union